[pittsburghquake] Jason's Taunt-o-matic Script

  • From: "Jason D. Agostoni" <jasonda@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pittsburghquake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 19:04:18 -0500

For those of you who would like to partake in tasteless taunting during the 
game ... but you just don't have time to remember which damn key was mapped to 
which damn taunt ... Jason's Taunt-o-matic is your answer!

Below is my rotating taunt script (I have removed my taunts and put in some 
that are safe for the kiddies).  I have them mapped as follows:

Keypad 0 (insert) is a rotating taunt to use when you have fragged someone
Keypad . (delete) is a rotating taunt to use when you just got your ass whipped

/////////////////////////////// CUT HERE ///////////////////////////////

// Dynamic Taunts

set insult1 "say You're a poopy head. set c_insult vstr insult2"
set insult2 "say You just died!; set c_insult vstr insult3"
set insult3 "say I killed you; set c_insult vstr insult4"
set insult4 "say Hehe Haha; set c_insult vstr insult5"
set insult5 "say Na na na na na na; set c_insult vstr insult6"
set insult6 "say Boom; set c_insult vstr insult7"
set insult7 "say Generic insult #7; set c_insult vstr insult8"
set insult8 "say Generic insult #8; set c_insult vstr insult1"

set c_insult vstr insult1
bind KP_INS "vstr c_insult"

set death1 "say Golly gee; set c_death vstr death2"
set death2 "say You're STILL a poopy head; set c_death vstr death3"
set death3 "say You sure are good, mister; set c_death vstr death4"
set death4 "say I praise you for that; set c_death vstr death5"
set death5 "say You ARE good; set c_death vstr death6"
set death6 "say Yes ... master; set c_death vstr death7"
set death7 "say Darn!; set c_death vstr death8"
set death8 "say That hurts my feelings; set c_death vstr death1"

set c_death vstr death1
bind KP_DEL "vstr c_death"

/////////////////////////////// End Taunt-o-matic 

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