[pittsburghquake] Complete Thirdperson Script

  • From: "Jason D. Agostoni" <jasonda@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pittsburghquake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:02:15 -0500

At the end of this message is a complete set of commands you can add to your 
autoexec.cfg file (in your baseq3) directory to get a cool view of you model.  
This is considered a "cheat" so you'll need to enter cheat mode in order to use 
it (hint: won't work on pure servers).  To enter cheat mode, open the console 
(~ key) and type /devmap q3dm0.  You can replace q3dm0 with any other Quake III 

I setup the bindings as follows (you can change them if you want):

    INSERT Key    ..........    Enter/Exit Thirdperson Mode
    HOME Key    ..........    Move view closer
    END Key    ..........    Move view farther away
    DELETE Key    ..........    Rotate view left
    Page Down Key    ..........    Rotate view right


// Thirdperson viewing
bind INS "toggle cg_thirdperson;vstr a0;vstr r40"
bind HOME "vstr closer"
bind END "vstr farther"
bind DEL "vstr left"
bind PGDN "vstr right"

set a0 "cg_thirdpersonangle 0;set left vstr a10;set right vstr a350"
set a10 "cg_thirdpersonangle 10;set left vstr a20;set right vstr a0"
set a20 "cg_thirdpersonangle 20;set left vstr a30;set right vstr a10"
set a30 "cg_thirdpersonangle 30;set left vstr a40;set right vstr a20"
set a40 "cg_thirdpersonangle 40;set left vstr a50;set right vstr a30"
set a50 "cg_thirdpersonangle 50;set left vstr a60;set right vstr a40"
set a60 "cg_thirdpersonangle 60;set left vstr a70;set right vstr a50"
set a70 "cg_thirdpersonangle 70;set left vstr a80;set right vstr a60"
set a80 "cg_thirdpersonangle 80;set left vstr a90;set right vstr a70"
set a90 "cg_thirdpersonangle 90;set left vstr a100;set right vstr a80"
set a100 "cg_thirdpersonangle 100;set left vstr a110;set right vstr a90"
set a110 "cg_thirdpersonangle 110;set left vstr a120;set right vstr a100"
set a120 "cg_thirdpersonangle 120;set left vstr a130;set right vstr a110"
set a130 "cg_thirdpersonangle 130;set left vstr a140;set right vstr a120"
set a140 "cg_thirdpersonangle 140;set left vstr a150;set right vstr a130"
set a150 "cg_thirdpersonangle 150;set left vstr a160;set right vstr a140"
set a160 "cg_thirdpersonangle 160;set left vstr a170;set right vstr a150"
set a170 "cg_thirdpersonangle 170;set left vstr a180;set right vstr a160"
set a180 "cg_thirdpersonangle 180;set left vstr a190;set right vstr a170"
set a190 "cg_thirdpersonangle 190;set left vstr a200;set right vstr a180"
set a200 "cg_thirdpersonangle 200;set left vstr a210;set right vstr a190"
set a210 "cg_thirdpersonangle 210;set left vstr a220;set right vstr a200"
set a220 "cg_thirdpersonangle 220;set left vstr a230;set right vstr a210"
set a230 "cg_thirdpersonangle 230;set left vstr a240;set right vstr a220"
set a240 "cg_thirdpersonangle 240;set left vstr a250;set right vstr a230"
set a250 "cg_thirdpersonangle 250;set left vstr a260;set right vstr a240"
set a260 "cg_thirdpersonangle 260;set left vstr a270;set right vstr a250"
set a270 "cg_thirdpersonangle 270;set left vstr a280;set right vstr a260"
set a280 "cg_thirdpersonangle 280;set left vstr a290;set right vstr a270"
set a290 "cg_thirdpersonangle 290;set left vstr a300;set right vstr a280"
set a300 "cg_thirdpersonangle 300;set left vstr a310;set right vstr a290"
set a310 "cg_thirdpersonangle 310;set left vstr a320;set right vstr a300"
set a320 "cg_thirdpersonangle 320;set left vstr a330;set right vstr a310"
set a330 "cg_thirdpersonangle 330;set left vstr a340;set right vstr a320"
set a340 "cg_thirdpersonangle 340;set left vstr a350;set right vstr a330"
set a350 "cg_thirdpersonangle 350;set left vstr a0;set right vstr a340" 
set r5 "cg_thirdpersonrange 5;set farther vstr r10;set closer vstr r500" 
set r10 "cg_thirdpersonrange 10;set farther vstr r20;set closer vstr r5" 
set r20 "cg_thirdpersonrange 20;set farther vstr r30;set closer vstr r10"
set r30 "cg_thirdpersonrange 30;set farther vstr r40;set closer vstr r20"
set r40 "cg_thirdpersonrange 40;set farther vstr r50;set closer vstr r30"
set r50 "cg_thirdpersonrange 50;set farther vstr r60;set closer vstr r40"
set r60 "cg_thirdpersonrange 60;set farther vstr r70;set closer vstr r50"
set r70 "cg_thirdpersonrange 70;set farther vstr r80;set closer vstr r60"
set r80 "cg_thirdpersonrange 80;set farther vstr r90;set closer vstr r70"
set r90 "cg_thirdpersonrange 90;set farther vstr r100;set closer vstr r80"
set r100 "cg_thirdpersonrange 100;set farther vstr r120;set closer vstr r90"
set r120 "cg_thirdpersonrange 120;set farther vstr r140;set closer vstr r100"
set r140 "cg_thirdpersonrange 140;set farther vstr r160;set closer vstr r120"
set r160 "cg_thirdpersonrange 160;set farther vstr r180;set closer vstr r140"
set r180 "cg_thirdpersonrange 180;set farther vstr r200;set closer vstr r160"
set r200 "cg_thirdpersonrange 200;set farther vstr r220;set closer vstr r180"
set r220 "cg_thirdpersonrange 220;set farther vstr r240;set closer vstr r200"
set r240 "cg_thirdpersonrange 240;set farther vstr r260;set closer vstr r220"
set r260 "cg_thirdpersonrange 260;set farther vstr r280;set closer vstr r240"
set r280 "cg_thirdpersonrange 280;set farther vstr r300;set closer vstr r260"
set r300 "cg_thirdpersonrange 300;set farther vstr r350;set closer vstr r280"
set r350 "cg_thirdpersonrange 350;set farther vstr r400;set closer vstr r300"
set r400 "cg_thirdpersonrange 400;set farther vstr r500;set closer vstr r350"
set r500 "cg_thirdpersonrange 500;set farther vstr r5;set closer vstr r400"

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