[PIC Defacement Notice] The End

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Today I performed the last database update of PIC. No more updates will 
undertaken from today. Even though I did say that PIC will retire only 
on 31st December, I will be very busy the next week and after that I 
will be in India. So, there it is, the end of PIC. Alldas.org is down 
(has been for some time), hence I have not been able to update the 2002 
worldwide defacement graph. The 2002 Indian defacement graph has been 

On a related note, First Monday will be publishing my paper "Analysis 
of the Defacement of Indian Web Sites" in their Volume 7, Issue 12. It 
is not online right now, but will soon be available.I consider that as 
a crisp summation of PIC's results.

Thanks for all the support.
Project India Cracked
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