[phpa] Re: questions re: other platforms, source

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 21:08:46 +0000


>Why don't you open the source code?

I haven't analyzed my reasons to be honest, but would just rather not at the 

>BTW: When will your product available for PHP 4.1.0RC1?

Maybe when they've released RC2 or RC3 :-)  I actually haven't a chance to 
look at 4.1 yet, and was suprised that 4.0.7 was never released, but will 
get to it soon. What's the story behind going from 4.0.7RC3 to 4.1?

Although 1.1p1 is generally fine, I really want to complete features for 
release 1.2 that provide resiliency from apache crashes, and that allow the 
cache to be written to while being simultaneously read.  The release also 
already lays the ground work for acceleration above what you get from 
caching, and I then want to work further on that going forward.


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