[phpa] Re: new release

  • From: "Blobule the Immortal" <blobule@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 14:34:10 -0400

>From: "Nick Lindridge" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>*final pricing has yet to be determined, but encoding the simplest of
>files is likely to be a dollar, or if encoded with other files in an
>archive, even less. Pricing is based on compiled code complexity, and
>not source code size.

Ack I'm screwed! My highly layered, multi-tier, dynamic
property binding architecture is gonna get massacred for
encoding. And I only wrote it for a mud website. *giggle*

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