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  • From: "Nick Lindridge" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 17:31:36 -0000 ()

> Encoder? Whats that going to do? Sounds interesting!

The encoder is a system to secure your php code. It converts your
scripts to a binary format that isn't based on the source code (i.e.
the source code isn't in the encoded files) and that hides strings in
your code, such as passwords.  There are some other encoders out there,
such as the encoder from Zend, but the difference here is that the
initial encoding service will be web based. Rather than buying an
encoder that costs hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, you could be
encoding scripts for as little as a dollar* with the encoder service.

It is related to PHPA in several ways, and PHPA will be support caching
of encoded files in either the next release, or the one soon after the
next. There will also be support for requesting at encoding time that
certain files not be cached by phpa.


*final pricing has yet to be determined, but encoding the simplest of
files is likely to be a dollar, or if encoded with other files in an
archive, even less. Pricing is based on compiled code complexity, and
not source code size.

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