[phpa] Re: What code benefits from caching?

  • From: Joe Lapp <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: phpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:24:53 -0400

Hi Nick.

At 09:31 PM 10/1/2001 +0100, PHP Accelerator wrote:
 >Hi Joe. Thanks for your kind words. There are some alternatives that perform 
 >well and that offer features that I haven't included yet, but I've 
 >concentrated on no frills performance and you should be ahead there by a 
 >fair way.

Alternative free caches didn't strike me as being very reliable -- but that's 
just from what I gleaned over the net.

 >The main potential problem is that if Apache crashes (and PHP 4.0.6 has some 
 >bugs that can cause it to segv), 

Sounds like 4.0.6 may not be production quality.  Does PHPA work with 4.0.3pl1? 
 Do you recommend against trying it with 4.0.3?

 >You're welcome and I hope you find phpa useful!

I hope so too!  ;-)

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