[phpa] Test suite and php memory corruption

  • From: "Nick Lindridge" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 10:34:42 -0000 ()

Tibor added the following.

> There is one: PHPUnit (it's a pear package)
> Info at pear.php.net...

> Tibor

I filed a bug report, so let's leave it at that as it's off topic
(yeah, I know I started this one :).

I do think it's worth noting, though, an interesting example of how
installing an extension, in this case phpa, can be thought to be the
root cause of problems when it isn't. In this case, php takes a minute
of so of repeated requests before it fails, and with phpa installed, it
just fails much sooner. Different memory usage in scripts might extend
the time before the corruption becomes aparant, if at all, and so
adding an extension might appear to cause a segfault that was never
seen before, but may really just be exposing it sooner, or even be
becoming the victim itself of the corruption.

This bug is I think rare, and when I had segfaults from the same php
code 6 or months ago with 4.0.6 (again without phpa), even changing
whitespace in the scripts made it go away or take longer to show up. I
think I'm just unlucky that my current php scripts cause a memory
pattern that exposes it again. Bit frustrating though, and I'm sure
that it had been fixed as the segfaults stopped with 4.0.7.


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