[phpa] Re: Release 1.1 available and 1.1p1 release

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 20:25:03 +0100

>From: Tom Duffey <tduffey@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>What if you put the source in CVS and then the people interested in the
>FreeBSD port could work together?  It sounds like you're looking for a
>single person to handle the port and future updates, but I'm afraid I do
>not have enough time right now to be that person.  Or maybe on of the
>others has more time to dedicate to this?

I don't really have the time to work on the accelerator at all, but struggle 
on anyway :-)

It would be nice in my mind to have a modest commitment from a FreeBSD 
person to testing and packaging of those releases. Running make and ftp'ing 
a tar file to a server isn't really so time consuming.  The main effort is 
just getting the current release to compile, and I would expect that 
subsequent releases would be a breeze. Even if the source was open, I feel 
that someone should still do this before the code for a given version was 
released to everyone. I would want to know that it *will* compile.

I've never managed to get APC to compile, for instance, and that was with 
the latest source and a regular PHP 4.0.6 distribution loaded dynamically 
into PHP. Hardly an atypical setup.

Anyway, my first goal is just to get an initial port done, and then worry 
about keeping it up to date after that.


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