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>Also bear in mind that tools like PHPA give you an increasing benefit
>as the quantity of PHP code goes up, and is maybe why smarty can
>accelerate to well. However, such systems may be inherently more
>complex and compute bound, and so the gains from caching could be
>increasingly dwarfed by the execution time requirements.

This is a good point, when I first installed PHPA I wasn't sure what
to expect with respect to gain. After analysis, I only got 33%, but
then I consider that a huge improvement since my system dynamically
loads code modules only when they are used, after which subsequent
calls receive previously instantiated objects. Another thing to
consider when determining gain, is how much of your page load time is
given to database queries, since PHPA will have no affect there. If
PHPA improves your PHP load time by 10 times, if the total page
production time is 90% queries, then you'll only see a 9% improvement.


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