[phpa] Great suggestion (Re: Whoops...)

  • From: "Nick Lindridge" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: phpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:34:11 -0000 (GMT)

> Nick, what about having a textbox, allowing people to add one host per
> line,  and then throw them a batch of keys?

If I get time after trying to defend my best intentions then I'll add
something soon. It was on my TODO list for tonight.

> Also, IMHO it would be better if I could have one "config" file
> containing all  the keys e.g. 
> www.domain.tld 8429d007e7d43674d4297fdd28a05e3b
> www.domain2.tld 8429d007e7d43674d4297fdd28a05e3b
> www.domain3.tld 8429d007e7d43674d4297fdd28a05e3b
> or even one config file for everything PHPA related... just a thought,
> perhaps  an old idea...

But sometimes the old ideas are the best, right!  And this is definitely a
sound idea. I was pondering something similar but hearing you suggest it too
makes it seem even better, and it might address most if not all issues in
one go.

As well as via the site, I could provide a script that took an input file of
domains and generated the keys file. It would also handle Apache config
files and generate keys for those. If it's fairly smart then it would also
figure out for which hosts phpa was disabled and skip those. Always up for a
challenge, that's my preferred solution at the moment.


> Egill R. (feeling somewhat stupid)

Don't feel stupid, you've made a great suggestion.

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