[phpa] Re: Error : get_cached_compiled_file had no path

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  • Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 19:48:20 +0100

>From: "Christopher Schreiber" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>First I would verify with version of glibc you are running.  Just type
>in this command "rpm -qa | grep glibc" and you should see something like
>"glibc-2.2.2-10", which indicates the version (2.2 in this case).

Thanks for suggesting this Chris.


The error means that there was a problem with the accelerator determining 
the name of the script. Do you know whether PHP is statically built into the 
web server, dynamically loaded, or are you using PHP as a cgi-bin program?

If you can you give any more information about your PHP and apache 
configuration it might help track this down.


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