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  • From: "Nick Lindridge" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: phpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:20:56 -0000 (GMT)

> Hi,
> is there some kind of administration tool, which displays the content
> of  the shared memory segment, like paths of cached files, number of 
> accesses, time of last access, ...?

There is but I haven't released it yet. It's partly why 1.2 has stayed as 
1.2dev for, well, too long really. I wanted in particular to include a 
primitive cache manager/viewer for 1.2, and just haven't had time to finish 
it off.

Currently it shows the cached files, how long they have to live in the 
cache, and the version number. (With 1.2 it's possible that, for a short 
period, there may be more than one cached version of a particular script.)

I'll put a few more features into the viewer and finish it. I didn't want 
to include an API module with phpa, but it would be possible to write some 
php scripts to exec the viewer, return an array with the cache info, and 
then do something with the data in php if anyone felt so inclined and 
believed that it was worth it.

I'm not a fan of cache stats for the sake of them unless they're useful for 
constructively tweaking the system to gain better performance or 
utilisation of resources.  Knowing cache usage would allow you to 
appropriately size the shared memory, and knowing if files are being 
frequently modified could be useful as the basis for deciding to exclude 
them from the cache, and so eliminating the cost of caching them. Enabling 
the shm logging and checking the logs initially and every so often is also 
sensible just in case phpa is giving reports of behaviour that may be 
affecting the performance.  

My aim though is ideally for people to be able to just install it and 
forget about it, and not need to go examining cache stats.


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