[phpa] Re: About registration and Re: Re: PHPA 1.2 Released

  • From: "Paul - Zenith Tech Inc" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 12:16:52 -0000

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the detailed reply :)

> Sorry for what I hope is a transient inconvenience. As Ed said, just email
> me the servernames, one per line, and I'll send back the keys this
> I've already thought to add a batch facility and will do that too.

We only use FreeBSD so theres no need just yet for this

> If you're going to have 500 virtual host sections then a shell/perl script
> or emacs macro could add keys to the entries automatically.

Because the server is ran by plesk (a control panel) the httpd.conf file is
updated itself, and is never the same.
It is possible, but would mean a lot of work, and would probably cause
problems because of the way it is structured.

> Btw., did you consider using mod_rewrite rather than virtual hosts if you
> have so many, as some mod_rewrite rules might be able to replace all your
> virtual host sections if they follow the same pattern.

The virtualhost sections themselves are quite complex, and there's no way of

> There's no sinister reason for adding the key; I just wanted to get a feel
> for where it's being used. I considered and discussed a number of
> alternatives, and decided that overall this would be the most preferable
> and least intrusive.  If, as a result, it stops certain configurations
> being able to use it then I'd certainly look to addressing that.

Perhaps a better way is have a key for server's IP address and report to you
the domains on the server?
I would see this is the only other otpion, as having a key per domain we
host is not really viable for us.


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