[photodesk] fuzzing an edge

  • From: Jim Nagel (lists) <jimfree@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 21:49:25 GMT

Not sure if this is something for Photodesk or for Artworks, so I'll 
risk the wrath of the netcops and post to both lists.

I was sent a scanned hand-drawn map as a line drawing.  I coloured it 
in using Photodesk.  The map is only the southern part of Britain, and 
the cutoff line is a problem.  (Sorry about the grotty scan, but 
that's what I was sent.)

What I'd like to do is make the edges of the map go fuzzy.  Perhaps 
that means abruptly fade from colour to white within the width of a 
quarter-inch border around the map.  The shape isn't a complete 
rectangle: the top left has to disappear.

Is this a job for Artworks transparency or for a Photodesk mask?
I tried both methods but got into a tangle. Could Photodesk "Mask > 
Grow" be used somehow?
Could someone with more experience give me a step-by-step, please?
It's a job I must finish this weekend.

It could become a how-to article to print in Archive.  Thanks.

JPEG and Artworks files here (50K): 

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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