[photodesk] Re: Saving 24b Sprites with mask in 3.06

  • From: "David J. Ruck" <druck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:11:58 GMT

On 23 Jun 2006 Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <gemini.j1b9on032qfgt01x8.druck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>    David J. Ruck <druck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Gavin Crawford <gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Photodesk 3.06 no longer seems to include any mask data when saving a
> > > 24bit RGB sprite. It works as expected when saving a CMYK sprite.
> > > 
> > > Anyone know how I can change Photodesk so it saves the mask for RGB
> > > sprites. It used to work fine in 3.03.
> [Snip]
> > Now the question is, did versions up to 3.03 also generate a compatible
> > 1bpp mask?
> Yes it does here.

I've just found time to look at this 2 days shy of a year after posting. I
dug up an old copy of 3.03 and compared the sprite format code, the saving
utility, the main BASIC code and the module, and couldn't find a single
change that altered the behaviour. After wasting several hours I compared the
entire application direction contents...
> So I take it that the change between versions is an internal code change
> and not something I can alter in any configuration options?

...and b*gger me if it wasn't down to a configuration option in !Run

Photodesk 3.03 !Run has a line:-

  Set Photodesk$Options -s 1
Which causes it to save 24bpp sprites with an OS compatinle mask, 3.04 and
all subsequent versions have the option set to 2 which doesn't save an OS
compatible mask. I don't know if this is something I may have altered when I
did the 32bit conversion from 3.03 to 3.04, I can't think why I would as I
have no information on what Photodesk$Options does, and there are dozens of
different possible option letters and values which are subsequently used
amougst the thousands of source files.

So to fix the problem, alter the line in !Run to above.



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