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> I chose a fairly modest 3
>        colour printer, the Canon 560i. This was OK for text and seemed
>        to be for graphics. When I started to use it for photos,
>        however, I started to get serious "banding" in areas where
>        there was an even tone. This is much worse when printing
>        monochrome using the Grey Scale settings. Up till now I have
>        been of the opinion that this was due to a fault in the print
>        head but I am now beginning to think that it might be related to
>        the software driver. This is besause:-
>                                 Regards,      Alan.

But photo printing on the RiscPC has gone the way of the Dodo.



That's rather a sweeping statement.

Have you looked at the Gimp-Print option from


Martin Hodgson

The latest Canon printers listed are two years out-of-date. There is no mention of the Canon iP series.

My S4500 needs new print heads, which have to be ordered specially, they are no longer a stock item at Harvey Normans. By today's standards, the S4500 does NOT provide photoprint quality, not from a Riscos driver, not from a Windows driver. It cannot print borderless.

My BJC-7100s corroded due to the type of inks being used.

I still have the Photodesk drivers for both, so I don't need Gimp ones.


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