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  • Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 10:30:36 +0100

On 05 Aug, Henry Falkner <hfalkner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Subject: [photodesk] Printing Problem


> > I chose a fairly modest 3
> >        colour printer, the Canon 560i. This was OK for text and seemed
> >        to be for graphics. When I started to use it for photos,
> >        however, I started to get serious "banding" in areas where
> >        there was an even tone. This is much worse when printing
> >        monochrome using the Grey Scale settings. Up till now I have
> >        been of the opinion that this was due to a fault in the print
> >        head but I am now beginning to think that it might be related to
> >        the software driver. This is besause:-
> >


> >                                 Regards,
> >                                      Alan.


> But photo printing on the RiscPC has gone the way of the Dodo.


> Henry 

That's rather a sweeping statement.

Have you looked at the Gimp-Print option from


This was ported over from Linux land, covers a vast range of printers, and
gets updated from time to time. Martin Wuerthner wants a relatively small
fee for the specifically RISC OS part that he had to write from scratch so
that the open source Linux software would work properly.

There is also Thomas Milius' PDumper module which integrates with the RISC
OS printer system (as does Gimp-print). This has been developed to be a
very versatile driver for any Epson printer, using pretty much any ink
system - i.e. non CMYK, such as Hexachrome. It will also print plain text
such as from Edit, something Gimp-Print will not handle.
However it remains one for the experienced user who is able to tailor it
to suit his particular printer.
I don't think anybody has modified it to to run a Canon printer. That
really would be one for the knowlegeable, assuming it is possible.
Thomas' software is free, and the source code is also available.


I use both systems to drive my six colour Epson Photo 870. Gimp-Print I
use for high quality photo work, and PDumper for everything else (I have
yet to finalise the colour balance, and get it printing 1440 x 760

Martin Hodgson

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