[photodesk] Printing Problem

  • From: Alan S.Wickham <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 22:10:30 +0100

              I am glad to see that there is some activity in this
              mailing list again. I was wondering if any membars could
              shed some light on a printing problem that I have.

        About 16 months ago I purchased a another printer to
        replace, to some extent, the previous Canon 7100 which was
        on its last legs. Since I intended to get "serious"
        photographs printed comercially, I chose a fairly modest 3
        colour printer, the Canon 560i. This was OK for text and seemed
        to be for graphics. When I started to use it for photos,
        however, I started to get serious "banding" in areas where
        there was an even tone. This is much worse when printing
        monochrome using the Grey Scale settings. Up till now I have
        been of the opinion that this was due to a fault in the print
        head but I am now beginning to think that it might be related to
        the software driver. This is besause:-

         a) The banding is not continued into the "busy" part of the
         b) There is a repeated pattern in this banded area.
         c) I tried cutting out the computer by printing directly
         from a camera via the PictBridge facility. There was definitly
         no banding in the resultant image.

        This banding occurs when the printer is connected via USB fron
        both a RISC PC (Castle USB Podule) and an Iyonox.

        Has anyone had similar experience?
        Have I set something up wrongly?

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