[photodesk] Re: Photodesk PDF manual & transparency

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 10:20:00 +0100

On 24 Jul 2012 Chris Shepheard  wrote:

> In message <148b00b452.ricp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Richard Porter <ricp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> On 23 Jul 2012 Jim Nagel (lists)  wrote:

>>> Is there a more recent version of the Photodesk manual than the PDF
>>> one I have?  Its preface says it's version 1.50 dated 2010-oct-20 and
>>> that it is a work in progress.

>> That's the latest one I have.

> Any idea where you got that version, please? The Preface page in mine
> is blank!

I can't remember, but I expect I got it from CJE or got the link from 
either CJE or this list. The preface page states

"Please note: this is a work-in-progress and substantial
      sections are unfinished (marked [TBW]).
 Updated versions will become available from CJE Micro?s
             as they become available.
    Please address all comments and corrections to:
     This is version 1.50 dated 20th October 2010."

That's the author, Chris Terran's address. The first correction should 
be to get rid of that greengrocer's apostrophe!

I also have a draft version which has a blank preface, and a zip 
manual called DraftManual/zip which contains a !Freshen utility, both 
dated 9th May 2012 but internally stamped 5th October 2009. I suggest 
you ask either Chris Terran or Chris Evans.

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