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  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 16:04:08 GMT

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          Paul Sprangers <Paul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Evans,

> For a long time, I'm having a really nasty problem with !PhotoDesk when it
> comes to simply load the application: sometimes it loads properly, but most
> of the times it will freeze the machine completely. Sometimes, the machine
> freezes straight away, sometimes there's an error box first, saying that
> the scrap directory still contains some sprites from a previous use. I can
> then choose between discarding them (by clicking Cancel) or retrieve them
> (by clicking OK). No matter what option I choose, the machine will freeze
> completely (with even the pointer frozen).

> Strangely, there's never any file in the scrap directory, but it doesn't
> make any difference whether I delete the appropriate directory, or the
> entire PhotoDesk directory from !Scrap.

> I've had some mail exchange about this problem with David Ruck, but he
> couldn't help me either. The bug didn't sound familiar and he couldn't
> replicate it.

> My current set up is !PhotoDesk 3.09 on an Iyonix 5.16.
> I would love to upgrade, but not until this problem is solved.
> Do you perhaps have any idea?

> Kind regards,
> Paul Sprangers

That sounds exactly like the problem I have.
I discovered that if you do the following it stops the freezing.

Load !Photodesk.!Run
Edit the line in it that says:
IF "<TWAIN$Path>"<>"" THEN RMLoad <Photodesk$Dir>.Modules.TwainPDIF
and add a '|' at the beginning, so that it looks like:
|IF "<TWAIN$Path>"<>"" THEN RMLoad <Photodesk$Dir>.Modules.TwainPDIF
This stops the TwainPDIF module from loading.
Scanning obviously won't then work but at least it stops the freezing.
Please let us know if that cures it for you.

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