[photodesk] Photodesk 3.09 layers problems

  • From: Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Photodesk_MailingList <photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 17:50:37 +0100

I have sent an excercise relating to the problems I have been having
in layers to Andrew (CJEMicros). He'll send the document to his PD
programmer to help "iron out" some of the random errors that I
experience - my biggest nightmare are layers where intermittent
crashes cause me to lose work.

The issues I'm experiencing are as follows:

Photodesk has suffered an unexpected error. OK to continue, CANCEL to
quit when "Paste into new layer is clicked".

Clicking OK to continue may....

1. Display corrupted image - appears as yellow tint over the image.
Starting from scratch is only solution.

2. Go into an unrecoverable loop. I have to Quit PD and reload and
start again.

3. The same error often occurs when switching between layers (layer #0
or #1). At this stage even if the program allows me to continue, it
fails later.

4. Sometimes when clicking on layer #0 or #1 I get a bizarre

"This operation may produce unexpected results as there is no fully
opaque background and the layers have different blend modes. Click OK
to go ahead with the merger or Cancel to abort the operation".

OK gives "Photodesk has suffered an unexpected error. OK to continue,
Cancel to Quit".

Clicking OK to continue sometimes lets you carry on and the error
seems to be ignored by PD, at other times PD crashes and its iconbar
icon disappears.

5. Occasionally when selecting and deleting (CTRL-F2) images from the
clipboard PD reports an "Illegal window handle". Goes into a loop

"Photodesk has suffered an unexpected error. OK to continue, CANCEL to
quit". I am forced to Quit PD and start again.

Photodesk 3.09
RISC OS 5.13
Iyonix 512MB RAM



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