[photodesk] Photodesk 3.09 Bug Report

  • From: Bernard Veasey <bernard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 09:46:51 +0100

Photodesk 3.09 Bug Report

1) TwainPDIF module causing crashes.
   (As previously reported in earlier versions of Photodesk)
   The first time I used Photodesk 3.09 on my Iyonix PC with
   RISC OS 5.13 it locked the computer up completely within a
   few minutes requiring the reset button to be pressed.  I
   had done nothing special to cause the crash.  It just
   suddenly locked up.  Another time when I double-clicked
   !Photodesk to load it, the banner window opens and the
   computer completely freezes.  Another time when it loaded
   OK for a short while, I then tried to load NetSurf 1.2 and
   the error 'Area reserved for relocatable modules is full'
   appeared, followed by a complete computer lock-up.  All the
   above was tried just after a computer startup.

   I then looked at !Photodesk.Modules.TwainPDIF to see if it
   was the same version as supplied with Photodesk 3.08 - The
   TwainPDIF module seems to be the same 0.11 version in both
   versions of Photodesk.  I then loaded !Photodesk.!Run and
   stopped the TwainPDIF module from loading by putting a '|'
   at the start of the relevant line.  The above crashing then
   doesn't happen when Photodesk is subsequently loaded without

2) 'Cancel' on abandoned images Crash.
   (As previously reported in earlier versions of Photodesk)
   On starting Photodesk sometimes (usually after one of its
   crashes) I get the following message:
   'Abandoned images remain...' etc.
   Cancel sometimes then crashes the computer (OK doesn't).
   At the time there were NO images on the Photodesk clipboard.
   'Cancel' can also go wrong when there 'are' images on the
   Photodesk clipboard.
   This has improved since the 3.08 version of Photodesk as it
   nearly always crashed on 'Cancel' then.

3) Long filename problem.
   (As previously reported in earlier versions of Photodesk)
   o  Place an image file named:
   into the folder ADFS::HardDisc4.$.Pictures
   o  Drag it to the Photodesk clipboard window.
   o  Select it and press F3 to open the save window.
   o  Don't change the filename.
   o  Drag the save icon to ADFS::HardDisc4.$

   You should then get the error I am experiencing.

   <Photodesk$Resources>.Formats.!3JPEG.cjpeg: can't open

   You will notice that the loaded pathname is getting muddled up
   and combined with the saved pathname.

   You will also notice that if the file is loaded into Photodesk
   from 'ADFS::HardDisc.$' instead, the error doesn't occur
   but the file instead of saving over the original file, a further
   file is created with a wrongly extended filename.

All the following errors happen if the following is set:
Set PhotoDesk$DynamicAreaSize 0

4) With PhotoDesk$DynamicAreaSize 0:
   I sometimes get:
   Rotate -1 (or whatever)
   abort on data transfer at &00062CE4

5) With PhotoDesk$DynamicAreaSize 0:
   If I drag the Photodesk red memory bar in the RISC OS Tasks
   window, the computer either crashes eventually or the following
   error message is displayed:

  'Photodesk has suffered an unexpected error.
   OK to continue, CANCEL to quit.'

   followed by the computer crashing, sometimes the mouse pointer
   moves in jumpy movements when moving it all over the screen
   before it finally crashes.

6) With PhotoDesk$DynamicAreaSize 0:
   The first time you load a drawfile into Photodesk you get the
   following error:
   'Photodesk has suffered an unexpected error...'

7) With PhotoDesk$DynamicAreaSize 0:
   On clicking the 'tick' after doing a crop, the photodesk window
   went to 194:1 zoom - pressing f8 undid it OK.
   Afterwards, sounds then upped their pitch.

General Information
I don't get any computer crashing problems when using any of my
other software.
My hard disc(s) test out OK and have no known problems.
My Iyonix has had all the hardware mods and otherwise works
My Iyonix has no startup problems.
The above problems still happen after a minimal startup.

Iyonix PC with RISC OS 5.13 and 512MB of memory
Photodesk 3.09
Photodesk Image Cache set to 120000K
TwainPDIF 0.11 (not loaded as it causes terminal crashes)
Twain 0.01 - EpsonGT 2.12

All for now.
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