[photodesk] Re: New version of Photodesk 3.10

  • From: Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: photodesk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 12:48:58 +0000 (GMT)

In article <6ff6749d51.Peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Peter Russell
<peter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In article <Marcel-1.53-0129114403-f7fpErr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> CJE Sales <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> On Sat 29 Jan, Richard Ashbery wrote:

> >>> 
> >>> Rotating a mass of camera jpegs in PD takes a very long time so
> >>> I perform this task in Variations which is reasonably quick and
> >>> as far as I am aware is lossless. Importing them into PD gives
> >>> horizontal banding making further processing impossible.
> >>> 
> >>> Does this still happen in PD?

> >> This is being worked on by the author. The horizontal stripes
> >> are a function of how the operating system deals with JPEGS of
> >> this type, so the author is having to work around this. We have
> >> a beta version here which overcomes it but at the expense of
> >> very slow loading, so this needs further work.

> I have been using !PrivateEye to do my rotations, but I don't know
> idf this is lossless?

As far as I am aware PrivateEye rotates jpegs with minimum data loss.
There must be some degradation because every time a jpeg is
decompressed, processed and then recompressed some of the data will be
lost. Can anyone else clarify?

Have you tried Variations Peter - it is very useful if you need to
rotate many jpegs from a digital camera where the image is taken in
portrait mode - the program detects the Exif data containing the
camera orientation and indicates which way to rotate the image by a
little blue arrow. Bear in mind that when the images are loaded they
all appear correctly orientated. Adjust-clicking on subsequent images
(blue highlight) and then clicking the correct Rotate icon will rotate
all of them. 

What a pity we don't have any software (as on the PC) that can perform
rotation automatically. OHP is the only package that does
auto-rotation of images but you are unable to save them - however the
software wasn't designed to do this.


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