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  • From: Donald & Janet Pearce <donjanp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 20:15:08 +0100

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          David Mc Dowell <david.mcdowell@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Chris Terran <chris.terranova@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all --
>> I've put up a preview of the new Photodesk site design:
>>   http://photodesk.iconbar.com/tutorials/tshirt/
>> It contains one of the new tutorials I've been working on -- there are
>> quite a few already in the bag, but ideas for more are always welcome.
>> It's only a single page, so the links at the top don't work. And some
>> of the icons need a bit of tweaking, so it's not a finished production
>> yet.
>> Comments on the new look are welcome. It does need basic CSS support;
>> it works well in NetSurf, though not so well in Oregano2 :-(
> Hello Chris,
> Excellent, new look very professional, I like the clever new tutorial as
> well!
> Regards, David
Dear David
Re-Your newsite,
Could I report that on WesterXL browser that the writing appears as 
Darker Black on Black!!!!!
I only found it by accident at bottom of page where there appeared to 
be something could you do something about the dark background please.
Don Pearce

Don & Jan Pearce

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