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> Thanks for setting this list up at Freelists Chris. Good move. And yes
> I got the welcome msg.
> The Masking Effect dbox has an option 'Work image into mask'. What can
> this do? The manual says
> "If this switch is set, the brightness of the image itself will
> determine the density of the mask when the tool is applied. For
> example light areas may mean that the mask is deeper than dark areas.
> If this is not the effect that you want then invert the mask, after
> tooling, and the converse will apply. Of course, you may still vary
> the overall depth of mask to fine tune this effect even further."
> but can anyone illustrate an example use for this?

It's a bit late (sorry :-( ) but the preview of the new site design has
an example of using the facility:


Best, Chris

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