[photodesk] Re: 3.08 - More problems

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 11:27:41 +0000 (GMT)

On Tue 01 Jan, Donald & Janet Pearce wrote:
> We have Photodesk 3.04 ( sept 2000).What changes have been made and 
> what is the price of the update.

>From the ChangeLog:

Changes from 3.04

* Ability to limit the maximum size of the image cache dynamic area
  (see section on dynamic areas below)
* Fix to problems with high region Dynamic Areas on the Risc PC

* Now displays correctly in 32K modes on machines with ViewFinder cards

* Tab key toggles tool windows in front of canvas, with different sized
  window tools and in both square and rectangular modes

* Double clicking on the colouring effect swatch brings up the colour
  picker dialog (as older versions of Photodesk used to do).
* VM display on the clipboard window shows correct percentage when used
  with on a disc with over 2GB of free space.
* Use Wimp_PollIdle to reduce system load

* Sprites for Artworks files and radio buttons removed to prevent overriding
  existing copies

Changes from 3.05

* Photodesk has problems when its dynamic area is forced in to the top
  half of memory by other applications using a lots of dynamic area space.
  Photodesk will now give an error and not run in this situation, to prevent
  any errors occurring once work has started. If this occurs quit some other
  applications which have large entries in the Task Manager dynamic area
  section, for example Oregano2. Once Photodesk is started, you may re-run
  these applications with no problems.

Changes from 3.06

* All the sources have been changed from inline Basic Assembler into ObjAsm
  which allows for easier maintenance & debugging.

* The "high memory address" problem on the Iyonix (and the RiscPC with big
  memory) has been addressed! This previously sometimes stopped PhotoDesk from
  running at all. This has also fixed many of the 'not enough memory' errors
  that various functions frequently failed with. It also has the side effect
  of improving PhotoDesk's stability on the Iyonix PC. If you have installed
  the DAfix patch in !Boot.Choices.Boot.Tasks (or
  !Boot.Choices.Users.Single.Boot.Tasks), then this should be removed by
  simply deleting the 'PhotodskDA' file placed there.

* PhotoDesk now has a valid AIF header for compatibility with the A9home and

* The SpecialFX plug-ins "Box Blur" and "Gaussian Blur" no longer overwrite
  white pixels! 

* On the Iyonix 'selecting part of an image' caused the machine to slow down
  massively making it unusable. This problem, referred to by some as 'Crawling
  ants', has now been fixed by totally rewriting the method used.

* "Copy" and "Paste" now works. 

* The SpecialFX "Shadow Outline" no longer causes crashes.

* The TwainPDIF module is now 32bit, (Thanks druck!)


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