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  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 09:05:13 -0800

I'm having a few issues with the listserv. Things are not automatically 
posting. I think it's resolved now. 

Below is Judith's post to the group that did not post to the group :)


I did find the group useful with monthly meetings.

And you are right - we as part of the group should take responsibility for
participating. I think many of us feel awkward as we  feel we are
"beginners" and have a lot to learn. But from hearing from others in our
meetings, it sounds like most of us are at about the same level.

I think one subject that would be useful, maybe for every meeting, would be
for each person to give a short description of their current ACL project,
and perhaps something new they did for that project.  Another subject might
be for each to describe a challenge. Right now I am having problems with
variables that replace system folders in a script. sometimes it works, and
sometimes not - and I don't know why.  Maybe things like that.

If someone takes an ACL training class, they might want to share something
from that.

I think bringing our laptops might be a good idea.  Learning by doing is
almost essential for computer applications.

Another fun idea is a small project problem. The logic of solving a problem
comes from our heads and ACL is a very versatile tool. I would guess that
many in the group would use a different path or function in ACL to come up
with the same result.

And then there is how someone approaches a problem. I use my white board and
draw out the files in my ACL project, what final solution I want, and then
diagram the links and steps I need to get there. Then I am ready to write a
script. But a coworker sits down and begins the script from top to bottom
(he can hold more stuff in his head than I can).  It would be interesting to
learn from others how they manage their projects.

And the most difficult for me is keeping organized for both my ACL project
and the system files. In a very large project I may have 20 input data
files, then all the created files, then the output reports. I would love to
know how others manage their projects; if they use multiple projects or
folders or what?

One other idea for the group might be to have a training, maybe twice a
year, say for half a day and invite others. I know the Secretary of State's
office has ACL users and they were surprised to hear we have a ACL user
group here. They might be interested in joining us for something longer than
2 hours.  Maybe they might be willing to share what they do.

Maybe our next meeting can be a brainstorming one to get ideas. But I guess
that is what you are doing right now.

I do hope you get a lot of responses


Judith DeVilliers, CPA
Principal Management Auditor
Multnomah County Auditor's Office
501 SE Hawthorne, Room 601
Portland, Oregon  97214

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