Re: [PCWorks] Uninstalling SP3

  • From: "Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin" <PCWorks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pcworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 07:03:41 -0500

I'm so high-strung and stressed out I'd hate to imagine what 
would happen if I got any caffeine in my system.  I'd probably 
explode and leave a massive crater, leaving astronomers 
wondering what hit.  ROTFLMAO.  "Hmmm, this is odd, and we saw 
nothing on SETI......".

Ok, if only happens when you go to the Start menu and Programs; 
do you have a lot of listings in that area?  That could slow 
down the response.  There also could be some kind of 
"corruption" in that folder, which I believe is "C:\Documents 
and Settings\[user name]\Start Menu\Programs".  Right click 
"Programs" on the Start menu and "Explore", click around some 
items at the left pane and right, and see if you have any kind 
of slowdown.  Make sure all hidden files are shown as well as 
the protected OS files, then delete that hidden "desktop" file, 
and the "thumbs" file if you have it.  Notice if there are any 
other hidden files that show up at this time.

>> (Hang upside down might help.)

But I do that anyway in the cave.  (Hee hee!).

God Bless
Clint Hamilton, Owner

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "LarryB"

Yea Clint I have been working on this slow thing for awhile. 
I've done
all those things except the CPU check and I'll do that.

Anne was trying to help and meant to send it to me off list but 
have only had one cup of coffee at that time. We all do it. 
It's that
type A personality I think ha. We usually fire back and forth 
all the rules.

What happens with the mouse thing is I'll point to Start>All 
and then when I move up the list the mouse moves ok but the 
part is behind it kinda like when I had the wrong screen driver
installed. It has a lag. Usually the blue highlighted area is 
right with
the mouse where on the computer at work it might be 3 items 
behind and
the jump up to the mouse arrow.

(Back problems are not fun. Hang upside down might help.)

Larry Browning
Have a great day

Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin wrote:
> Now that I see your original post again, I'm reminded that 
> you
> mentioned a slowdown, which makes sense now of Anne's post.
> LOL.  So....never mind Anne.  ;-)  (Hence the importance of 
> the
> original post in a reply).
> The easiest thing to do first is start with the disk cleanup
> (right click the drive, Properties > "General" tab > "Disk
> cleanup" button).  Then do the usual chkdsk and defrag.  If
> that doesn't help, then find out what you installed and 
> changed
> since you installed SP3.  Then remove/disable those programs 
> or
> changes and see if that helps.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "When I move my mouse up or 
> down
> the list of programs it seems to hesitate going where I am
> pointing."  Where and when does this happen?  Everywhere? 
> Just
> one folder?
> What does the Task Manager show for your CPU usage?  Watch 
> that
> for a while when you see the slowdown.
> (Back is a bit better, thanks, it's really slow getting over
> these flare-ups.  I have a few herniated disks and sciatica
> from them).
> -Clint

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "LarryB"
> I'll leave it on and check for something else. I have removed
> many files
> to increase the disk space by backing up files that were 
> quite
> large.
> Like pictures, movie files, map files, etc.
> When I move my mouse up or down the list of programs it seems
> to
> hesitate going where I am pointing. As if it is busy and then
> it catches
> up. (not the mouse pointer but the indication that it has
> selected it.)
> How is that back Clint hope it's healing.
> Larry Browning
> Have a great day
> Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin wrote:
>>Strange, SP3 is faster.  Anyway, there are several ways of
>>removing it.  One is through the CP and Add/Remove programs.
>>Another, the KB uninstall folder.
>>Many times when you remove an M$ update/patch you'll get that
>>warning for programs that were installed after the update was
>>installed.  Generally it may not mean anything, but sometimes
>>you may have to reinstall the program.
>>First I would look for other causes of the slowdown.
>>----- Original Message ----- 
>>From: "LarryB"
>>My system at work has slowed down quite a bit and I wonder if
>>it is
>>because I installed SP 3 back in May.
>>My question is can I uninstall it thru the add/remove
>>too much trouble? I started to uninstall and it said several
>>might not work if I did this.(one of them was ERUNT) Could be
>>tactics I suppose.
>>Need an opinion.
>>Larry Browning
>>Have a great day

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