Re: [PCWorks] Running ERUNT question

  • From: LarryB <larryb227@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pcworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 15:00:39 -0400

Harold, I'll try to answer these questions if I can. (Clint can correct 
me if I am wrong.)

Here is what I did.
I went to Start>Programs>Startup, a menu came down and I right clicked 
on ERUNT autobackup then selected Properties.
The target line on mine already had all the instructions in it already 
except the (space)/days:5 so I added that (space)/days:5.
Now what that does is delete everything except the last 5 days.

Check your and see if it is the same.

The quotes that are required should already be there.

I was unable to copy and paste originally but that was due to a 
different problem which you may not have.

Larry B

Harold B. wrote:
> There is so much being written here (and I'm guilty of it) but my three 
> questions have not been answered.
> 1. Exactly where do I paste that line? I'm assuming, and correct me if I am 
> wrong, that an Erunt shortcut should be put into the Start menu > Startup, 
> and then, as you say below, right-click that icon > Properties, and in the 
> Target box paste the line.
> 2. Paste it with or without the quotes?
> 3. Note that copying that line from the postings might put spaces where 
> spaces should not be. I'm showing it below without any spaces. Maybe I 
> should know better that "command lines" are not supposed to have spaces. If 
> spaces should be there, please let me know. With these three questions 
> answered, I'm sure the matter can be put to rest
>  Now I'm interested in the answers but my shortcut key, Ctrl+Alt+(whatever 
> key anyone wants to use) brings Erunt right up and "OK" does the job. I put 
> a semi-colon (;) as I explained before; that's a personal choice. I used to 
> use that key for my dial-up with a quick move of the pinky to Enter and zip, 
> I was on the internet.
> Now I'm with DSL, on the internet as soon as I boot up. My semi-colon was 
> crying to me, "All the other keys are being used, so what am I good for?" I 
> told it that it was good for making a little longer pause than a plain 
> ordinary comma. That didn't work, it wanted more. --- Harold
> PS: Clint, your digest email seems to be coming in almost as fast as 
> receiving individual postings. I might need to receive a digest of a day's 
> digests. ;-)
>> Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin wrote:
>> Again, you cannot change the icon's properties in the Startup folder other 
>> than what I said (to change the days it saves backups). If you don't want 
>> it to keep backups for weeks, months, years, and it will if you don't tell 
>> it, right click the icon in the Start Up folder and change that line to 
>> this:
> "C:\Program Files\ERUNT\AUTOBACK.EXE" 
> %SystemRoot%\ERDNT\AutoBackup\#Date#/noconfirmdelete 
> /noprogresswindow/days:5" 

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