Re: [PCWorks] Need recommendation for a router

  • From: Vern <r60slash5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pcworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 21:35:26 -0700


I hooked up the Linksys router and it works great. I have all three 
computers online now. The laptop was easy. The USB wireless adapter for 
the old desktop was another story. Had to call support for the USB 
adapter and they told me I needed to call Linksys and I kept telling 
them my laptop works so the problem isn't with the router. Well I ended 
up calling Linksys and there was something that needed changing. The 
girl at Linksys was very knowledgeable. She had me going here and there 
changing this and that and now it works.

One question. Since it is a USB connection should I be disconnecting the 
USB adapter through the system tray even if I never remove the adapter 
before shutting down? I will be leaving the adapter plugged in all the 
time but it gets turned off when the computer is shut down.



>>   >I've had very good luck with Linksys routers. Dlink routers are often
>> cheaper.
>> I have looked at PCMag and they say Linksys and Dlink are the best also.
>> Amazon has a Dlink 615   N  4 port 10/100 switch  2 antennas, draft
>> 802.11n   for $50 includes shipping and taxes.
>> Does that sound reasonable?
>> Thanks.
>> Vern
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