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  • From: Tom <tjd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pcworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:04:22 -0400

Hi Clint, and Thanks.

Your URLs do return the searches with a heading for each 
search result which was what I wanted.  The way the page is 
layed out doesn't matter much to me since the screen reader 
puts all the html into it's own buffer and formats it in a 
way it thinks will be easiest to read with the screen reader. 
 The URL I had been using previously returned headings for 
each search result till a week or two ago when the headings 
disappeared and made it more difficult for me to navigate.

Incidentally, Google does provide an accessible URL for 
screen reader users incase you want to take a look at it.

In playing around with the URL I had been using I discovered 
that changing "cse" to "custom" following "" and 
leaving everything else the same I get headings in the search 
results.  I don't know what "cse" means but it does function 
differently than "custom."Here's what it is:

I'd just like to read something that defines all these 
operators or whatever they are called.

Anyway, thanks for the URL and I'll be using it till Google 
changes something again.


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>Tom I know several of these, how **EXACTLY** do you need to 
>search and what operators to you need?  I'll see if I can 
>come up with something.  I can't tell from that URL you gave, 
>all I can tell from it is 'safe image' is on and you appear 
>to have 50 results per page.
>Your URL works for me on Chrome and FireFox, at least it 
>"works" in the sense that I get a page and can search, and I 
>can see results, but of course I am unsure of how the layout 
>or results are supposed to be.  I can't try it in IE because 
>I have G in my Restricted Sites zone which apparently won't 
>run JavaScript.  I'll try and describe what I see in FF and 
>Chrome: Unlike the URL I use, there is no left side nav area 
>or any links there.  There's no left margin, the results are 
>all the way to the left.  The page is simple and uncluttered, 
>it has NO paid results, sponsored links, no ads, nothing.  
>Just the results.  Each results has the clickable title or 
>heading with (depending on the search) either the resultant 
>sites' description tag below the title or page body text.  (I 
>like this layout, I'd use it if it had the left area nav 
>links for the time frame, and video and image search).
>This is the URL I use for them, you may be able to modify it 
>for your needs.  This is set to have: 10 results per page, 
>safe-search off, English only, anytime, and clicked result 
>links to open in a new window.
>I modified its "ct=images" area to that of your 
>"safe=images" in this URL:
>But it doesn't appear to do anything differently in the
>(Those URL's did not break, and ARE WHOLE and clickable in 
>OE after putting this in my Drafts folder so they should 
>remain intact for other email programs.  If not, you'll have 
>to fix that for them to be clickable.  Note that after the 
>end of each, I put: A space, and [END] so you'll know the
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "Tom"
>Several years ago, I think it was on this e-mail list, there
>was a discussion about all the additional codes that could be
>added at the end of "" to customize the search and
>search results.  I've tried looking for "google operators,"
>"google variables," "google switches," "google codes" and
>more I've forgotten but can't find much of anything on the
>Below is a string of characters I've been using that I liked
>but about a week ago Google changed the results.  The search
>results I used to get had headings for each search entry and
>I could navagate through them with my screen reader heading
>key.  Now, google does not provide headings, just a lot of
>on-clicks and other stuff that makes it more difficult to use
>with a screen reader.  I know there are URLs for accessible
>google searches, but I'd really like to learn more about all
>this alphabet soup stuff.

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