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  • From: "Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin" <PCWorks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 23:58:33 -0500

Thanks for the info Karl.

You know, as I alluded to earlier to Eric, they claimed v3 was 
faster than v2.x, now I'm wondering if what they did in v3.0.1 
slowed it down since Eric said it was much slower.

God Bless
Clint Hamilton, Owner

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From: "Karl Springer"

On 22 Jul 2008 at 11:03 -0500, Clint Hamilton-PCWorks Admin
wrote, at least in part:

> Wow that was quick, already a 3.0.1, I wonder what the 
> problem
> was with v3.


Firefox 3.0.1 fixed several issues found in Firefox 3.

* Fixed several security issues.
* Fixed several stability issues.
* Fixed an issue where the phishing and malware database did 
update on first launch.
* Under certain circumstances, Firefox 3.0 did not properly 
the SSL certificate exceptions list.
* Updated the internal Public Suffix list.
* In certain cases, installing Firefox 2 in the same directory
in which Firefox 3 has been installed resulted in Firefox 2
being unstable. This issue was fixed as part of Firefox
* Fixed an issue where, when printing a selected region of
content from the middle of a page, some of the output was
missing (bug 433373).
* Fixed a Linux issues where, for users on a PPP connection
(dialup or DSL) Firefox always started in "Offline" mode (bug


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