Re: [PCWorks] Finding your registraton number in the registar

  • From: LarryB <larryb227@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pcworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 04:24:57 -0400

Thanks Harold and I will try it. But I agree with Clint that you would 
love this program as it gives you more info than any other program I 
have ever tried. (about your computer that is.)

Right now I have used it on one of my computers but it won't load on the 
second. We are in the process of debuging it now.

Larry Browning
Have a great day

Harold B. wrote:
I find that this program called "Reg Seeker" (anyone can google it) does an
excellent job finding whatever is needed in the registry and also can be
used for cleaning out unecessary keys. Of course, when I got it, it was a
freebie; might still be --- Harold

From: LarryB <larryb227@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [PCWorks] Finding your registraton number in the registar

Does you registry keep track of all you software's key codes or registry
number? If they do how do you find them? Or is there a program that will
read them out?

--- Larry Browning

From: "Clint Hamilton

That's an interesting program with a ton of information (Harold would love
it ;-), but it may or may not get the Jasc key Larry. It doesn't list my
Kaspersky key, at least not correctly (I guess it's coded or encrypted
like I mentioned earlier), but it does show my Roxio key/reg #. You have
to look under both "Installed programs" and "Licenses" because it doesn't
list all at either one. "Eureka" on the toolbar under "Tools" is really
fascinating. -Clint

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