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Hi Larry and everybody else

> Installation and Activation Guide:


That didn't answer the question about which exe to install. Maybe i'll 
get an answer from support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I installed the one in the 
zip file, but i suspect this may be an older version than the one linked 
to in the registration mail. It incorrectly indicates my physical memory 
(4 GB / 3 GB) as 2048 MB

To prevent major problems, make sure you read the important info missing 
in the user guide http://www.wondershare.com/guide/time-freeze.html 
namely what's on 
and especially "What should I pay attention to before enabling System 

see also the following comment on

This program does not do virtualization, nor is it a sandbox. So I’d say 
this one fails first and foremost for lying about what it is.

This is a state-saver, combined with configurable blocking (access or 
change) to user-set directories.

So, this is useless, for example, to sandbox Firefox, since Firefox 
requires the ability to make and keep state changes (e.g., update 
add-ons, or keep bookmarks or history).

As regards this program’s ability to save the state of the system: It 
does not allow the save store to be configured anywhere (defaults to C: 
drive and if your disk is nearly full you are out of luck). Worse, it 
does not tell you how much space will be needed. I have not even 
bothered therefore to learn what exactly it thinks is “system” to protect.

I’d want a real sandbox. This isn’t for me at all.
Comment by Scott
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