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Zone Alarm ver. works fine on my XP Pro and XP Home.

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> Hi Christy
> He does have a firewall built into XP but it not that great as I heard 
> that
> it takes some things only seconds to get through it. He would be well
> advised to put Zone Alarm on instead. If he does he will need to turn off
> the XP firewall as they may conflict with each other. To do this Go to
> start/control panel/security center to do it.
> A warning on Zone Alarm though. Although I think it is the best firewall 
> it
> can be a pain when you try to put it in XP. I had to try three different
> versions before I got one that would work. The version that finally worked
> on my machine is 2.6.357 If the version you are sending him don't work 
> just
> uninstall and google for a different version to download.

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