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I tried a lot of internet security suites.  Some paid, some free.  Never had
any real problems with any of them except Norton.  I doubt any reasonably
safe surfer would either.  Pick one:

Computer Associates (CA)  got free from RoadRunner and used until I got a
64-bit OS.

AVG  Worked OK but my least favorite of all the paid ones.

Kaspersky  really great, but do not recommend for the faint of heart.

McAfee  Was free on my Moms computer while she had Comcast.  Worked OK but I
have not liked McAfee since they were a major problem back in the early 90s.

Microsoft Security Essentials  I hate MS but this works well when used with
Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Malicious Software Removal Tool.  I
have it on a spare computer and am very happy with it.  When my Kaspersky
runs out next year I will be using this on all of the computers I maintain.
You might add SpyBot S&D, AdAware and a few other freebies if you think it
necessary. Just avoid running any two of the same thing in real time at the
same time, especially antivirus software and Firewalls.


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Thanks Dan,

I am contemplating which AV to get soon as my free one through school will 
run out when I graduate.  I may just try the free one online that I put on 
my sister's computer, the AVG for awhile.


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