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Holy Moly, Batman!  That's an awful lot of work to just try out a feature in 
Powerpoint.      lol

First, since I don't fully understand who you mean when you use the term 
"They", I have to assume you're talking about other students at the same 
place you're going to learn.  Anyone who's serious about learning will have 
at least the Student version of Office installed (I'm guessing that it's 
mandatory for these courses) and, therefore, should have no problems viewing 
presentations that include macros.  If they do, it will be a good learning 
experience for them to work out how to view it on their own.  Discuss this 
idea with your prof to see if it's in line with their own thinking on this 

Next, it's ALWAYS a bad idea to make major changes to a system (such as 
installing an all  encompassing suite like Office) without first making a 
working (i.e. tested) backup.  Since installing Office's Outlook always 
affects OE one way or another, a separate backup of your DBX store folder to 
another physical drive is also in order.  I would take it even further and 
back up all of my email accounts, message rules and other OE settings, too. 
I know that's a late suggestion, since you found out for yourself the hard 
way, but I bet you'll never forget it again.  I'm extremely proud of you for 
working your way out of the mess once you figured out what had happened. 

So, talk with your prof first and see how he/she feels about the macro 
issue.  If it's put back into your hands, we'll work out the best way to get 
it resolved.  If not, that's one BIG thing less for you to worry about. 
Next, try installing just PowerPoint 2007 (or anything else you want from 
it, but NOT Outlook).  Excluding Outlook will allow your system to continue 
to merrily continue on using OE for your email needs and will not negatively 
affect any of the other programs within Office.  I would still make those 
backups before installing it, though.       lol


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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> Well Gman,
> This is the assignment that just keeps giving ;).  When I read the
> directions on uploading the presentation, they specifically wanted you to
> use pack and go in powerpoint.  I had tried using that once before with my
> microsoft office powerpoint v. 2000, it did not work.  They also want you 
> to
> pack the powerpoint viewer with it which is I guess why they suggested 
> pack
> and go.
> Anyhow, my question is "will they be able to lower the security settings 
> on
> the viewer that is sent that way in order to view the macro section of my
> interactive slideshow?"  The free powerpoint viewer I tried that I found
> online would not do this.
> So, I thought, well I will try it and see.  I finally broke down and
> installed my new Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 onto this 
> computer.
> I told it  not to keep my old OE (mistake) I think.  I noticed when 
> opening
> up OE in my newly installed 2007, I had two new emails (no others), all 
> old
> email gone.  "gulp".
> Even though I have backed up alot of them, I do not back emails up daily. 
> I
> thought ok, I will go into cox or earthlink webmail and try emailing my
> pctechtalk folks for help!  Could not, and only two new emails in one of
> those webmails and none in the other.  No old email there either.
> So then, I thought ok you need to try to do a restore system as I had
> created a restore point right before installing the new program.  Tried
> that, would not restoroe to anything earlier at all "frustrated now", I
> thought ok I will try booting up in safe mode and then system restore, ok,
> it said it worked.  Great, started up normal mode, windows screen came, up
> then blank blue screen, no login screen, nothing just blue, I waited still
> nothing..now I am going oh no!  During all of this windows is trying to
> download an update and I am on dial up.  ;0
> I finally gave up after trying numerous times.  This morning, long story
> short did a system restore again in safe mode, said it worked, booted up 
> in
> normal mode and hurray! success I am back to normal, all email is there.
> When I had the new program installed scotty the watchdog kept asking me
> questions ;), one file I was not sure of to let it be included in startup, 
> I
> forgot the name now and wanted to look it up.  I guess I need to know how 
> to
> export my emails to the new version if I want to use the new version ;0, 
> not
> sure.  I really just wanted to try out the powerpoint pack and go feature.
> I suppose I could have just installed powerpoint, maybe things would have
> been easier.
> back to the drawing board.
> christy 

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