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  • From: Master NetLord <NetLord@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:37:39 -0400

Yes, WinMX allows you to download from multiple sources.  Here's the feature 
list from the site:

High performance peer-to-peer protocol
Multi-sourced downloading for maximum speed on broadband connections
Auto-Complete feature continuously seeks out new download sources, even after 
WinMX is restarted
Detailed bandwidth monitoring and throttling controls
Complete upload and download queuing system
Fully decentralized chat
OpenNap connectivity for expert users
Powerful docking window interface great for hi-res and multi-monitor systems
Compatible with most LAN configurations
WinMX respects your privacy and doesn't contain spyware

BTW, there's a newer version out -- Version 3.22.  After trying about a dozen, 
I keep going back to WinMX, though there are several good ones.  Based on an 
earlier post, I downloaded the NapMX (addon to WinMX for additional servers) 
but I've yet to try it.

Regards from the
"Keyboard Cowboy",
Master NetLord
Cincinnati, Ohio
Scottsdale, Arizona
12:35:03 PM

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:45:11 +1000, Darryl wrote:
>Does it work like Imesh, I refer to imesh as I dont really bother to
>much with p2p lately, in that it downloads from a few people at once
>if it can ??
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Stan B"
>>I'm curious as to whether longer queues are more of a function of
>>people unwilling to share what they have, combined with growing
>>numbers of d/l requests.  I've used Winmx, grokster, kazaa and
>>recently kazaalite, and I'm finding more and more people d/l'ing
>>large files from me, that have nothing to share themselves.
>>Sometimes I let it go, but lately, if somebody is d/l a large file
>>and it appears they do not want to share anything themselves, then
>>I send a terse message indicating that I only share with people
>>that also share, and then cancel their d/l from my machine. So far,
>>nobody has had the guts to answer or complain.
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