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It's surprising to me that this info was there, but it doesn't necessarily 
mean that FP was used to make it.  As you explained, this could be reporting 
the program it found on your system that is currently set as the default 
editor for these types of files.  The trick here would be to compare these 
findings to the same info given for a file that you absolutely without a 
doubt know was created using something else.


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> Gman,
> After I had to enter my user name and password, then I did a right click 
> on
> the webpage document and went to page properties, then I clicked on custom
> and highlighted was GENERATOR:   Microsoft frontpage 4.0, then under that
> prol.. Frontpage.Editor.document.  Does that mean it was created with
> frontpage?  That is the same version of frontpage I still have on my
> computer so not sure it is just saying which editor I opened the page up
> with.
> Christine 

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