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: > what operating system are you running and are these web pages or just
: > little
: > boxes that pop up?
: >
: Hi, I am running windows home xp and they are little boxes popping up.


that would most likely be the messenger service that loads with win2k & XP
if not disabled... I was getting those as well, and they stopped when I
disabled this service with no repercussions.... check this article:

There is a type of Spam that uses the Messenger Service that is part of
Windows 2000 and XP. See this article concerning this new annoyance.

The Messenger Service is loaded as Automatic and Start by default. This can
be shut down very easily. In 2000 and XP go to Control Panel, Administrative
Tools, Services and find Messenger, set it to Service Status: Stopped and
then Startup Type: Disabled. Disabling Messenger Service will not impair
internet functionality at all, it is mainly used by IT Administers to end
alerts thru networks.

from the link above:

Step 2: Disable Microsoft Messenger Service
If you choose to install a firewall, that will prevent remote users from
sending you WinPopUPs. However, the main rule of security is, if you don't
need it, disable it so you should still disable it.

If you decide NOT to install a firewall, then you can prevent WinPopUPs by
disabling the Messenger service, however, this may leave you exposed to
other security issues so this approach by itself is not recommended.

Note: Some applications: Anti-virus, SQL Job Scheduler, UPS systems, etc..
use Messenger alerts to notify you are critical system events. If you use
such products, then you should leave Messenger enabled and use a
firewall/router to block the PopUPs.

Here are the procedures for disabling the Messenger service on Windows 2000
and XP systems:

Windows 2000:
  a.. Click: Start/Settings/Control Panel
  b.. Open: Administrative Tools
  c.. Open: Services
  d.. Open: 'Messenger' Service
  e.. Click: Stop button
  f.. Change 'Startup Type' to DISABLE
  g.. Click OK to close everything
Windows XP:
  a.. Right-click: 'My Computer' icon and select 'Manager'
  b.. Open: Services and Applications
  c.. Open: Services
  d.. Open: 'Messenger' Service
  e.. Click: Stop button
  f.. Change 'Startup Type' to DISABLE
  g.. Click OK to close everything
Advanced Issues:
Here is an excellent article which describes how to disable many unneeded
Microsoft services:

Minimization of network services on Windows systems
(See: 'RPC services' section for a discussion of disabling Windows Messenger

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