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It says so on Symentec's web site where it discusses the problem. I'm
trusting them to be telling me the truth!! LOL

My cable company does nothing at this point that I'm aware of for viruses.
However, they change things like that all of the time. I did not receive the
of viruses into my computer that I anticipated - I didn't (knock on wood)
receive it
once! so maybe my cable company did finally put a filter for viruses on. I know
they finally
put a spam filter on. It filters about .01% of the spam!! LOL They told me they
aren't legally
allowed to filter any more than they do. they get an official list they have to
go by. I had an
interesting discussion with the tech about their list and how it is made up and
what comes thru.
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Ah the difference my ISP is dial up and yours is cable maybe?
So How do you know you're emails are protected by Norton?

As to ISP servers protecting from viruses -- no thanks.  I
couldn't get on the Internet or use email (except
intermittently) for 3 days because my ISP wasn't ready for the
sobig virus that struck.  Don't think they have it completely
plugged yet because it seems like 1 out of 5 emails I get are
that virus and Norton catches them all.


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