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  • From: "jo" <jo.clark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:16:25 -0700

   RE; - OE6 ties itself up 'searching for hyperlinks' ; should it ? ;
does it ? ; i have not seen this occur before. on the bottom of the
screen [the 'status bar ??] it said 'searching for hyperlinks 22% done'.

    -- Have you installed any new software that might do that? - CrisS

hi cris
went to the library monday - i get cable for free there and i had a bit
of time --

after about an hours 'googling', the short answer appears to be that oe6
always does it but it dosn't usually show.
it is a combination of old pc, too much running on it, and hundreds of
hyperlinks on the one document.
i've cut out the second one [too much running] and i just catch that [%
figure] counting up - just a few seconds - [sigh] i can spare a few
cheers jo

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