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If you use OOo, then there is no point in spending your money on MS 
Office student edition.  OOo has everything that the student version has.

And if you want to open a file with something else, just right click the 
file and choose Open With>.  Then select the program you want to use to 
open the file.  There is a box at the bottom to check if you ALWAYS want 
to use this program to open that particular type of file.

One thing about OOo is that it defaults to its native format when saving 
files.  IOW, saving a text editor file will default to an *.sxw 
extension.  If you want that file to be readable by people confined to 
MS Office, you'll have to go to the file type box and change the file 
type to *.doc.  OOo can open *.doc files and so can MS Office.

If you install a program as administrator, all you have to do to enable 
all users to use it is put a shortcut in the %WinXPdrive%\Documents and 
Settings\All Users\Desktop or All Users\Start Menu.


Cris wrote:

> I have this one downloaded now. I found instructions to install it so that 
> all user's can use it. It does say though, that if you make it your default 
> office program, it is then later nearly impossible to change your mind! 
> Wondering if I choose to not make it my default, if that is possible, since, 
> there isn't another program on here.
> Costco had a student edition for sale of microsoft office - for somewhere a 
> little over $100.00 I think. I may have to check that out. This sure gets 
> more complicated !
> Cris
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> Cris-
> A warning:  The 1.1.3rc is a first release candidate and you may not
> want to run that one if you're not familiar with OOo.  Run the stable
> 1.1.2 instead.  Click the Download tab on that page instead and click on
> the first link in the list, "Latest Stable Release: OpenOffice.org 1.1.2
> (all available languages)".  fill in the coeerct responses in the blue
> box and download the 1.1.2 version.  Install directions are the same.
> Tom

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