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I was trying to follow the directions they gave on how to install with the 
command prompt. It said to put the file path in to the exe. That is what didn't 
work! I unzipped it - there are 503 FILES including an exe file. My file that I 
downloaded is called: 
now - I just had another thought and question - what does INTEL have to do with 
I don't have an intel chip on here - I have an athalon chip. Does that make a 
I found another set of directions, in their forums, on how to install it for 
mulitple users. 

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I do not understand why you are having problems.  The file you downloaded 
should be a windows .exe file.  You download it and then click on the file to 
run it.  It then does its thing, there are really little you need to do, other 
then agreeing to the license and accepting the defaults for locations and that 
sort.  It also is very easy to set your file associations back to any windows 
programs you might have installed if you wish.  Just right click on a file 
created by OpenOffice.org and use the openwith...  I wonder if you still have 
not downloaded the right file.  Go to www.openoffice.org, use the drop-down 
boxes to select the version you want.  It will ask what operating system you 
are using and that type of thing.  when the new page open read it carefully and 
read all of it to help download the file.  I have installed OpenOffice.org 
several times had to deal with command prompts.  And yes, c:\documents or cris 
are not commands, but locations on the hard drive where files 
 stored.  To see commands allowed in the command prompt, open the command 
prompt and type help and then press the enter key.  Do yo want me to send you, 
off list the .exe file for OpenOffice.org?

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