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Well then it's worse than useless.  a Pad computer could be so much 
more.  And Apple blew it, in their rush to bring it to market.  What do 
I want.  A real computer, rather than a simple crippled device.  
Something that big should be able to take on some real computing.  And 
frankly it doesn't nor will it. It's $699  for a $200 device.

On 2/2/2010 2:10 PM, RecklessMaverick wrote:
> Actually, it is more like an iTouch on steroids than an iPhone.  The 3G
> capability is only a data connection not a telephone connection.  I don't
> like flash anymore anyway so I would never miss it.  I doubt the limited
> memory, 64GB tops is enough to be powerful enough to support anything more
> powerful than the iPhone OS.  And it probably doesn't need all the garbage
> that an OS like Windows or OS X includes.  What is it that you would want to
> do on the iPad that the iPhone OS can not handle?
> Don
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> And if it wasn't crippled, and if it supported flash, and if it had a
> real OS, rather than the iPhone OS.  And if, and if.....
> The iPad, is an iPhone on steroids, only more expensive.
> Dave
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