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    In reading back my own replies in this thread, it was obvious to me that 
I could have been clearer in my concern about how the files are situated. 

    Every time I mentioned the related files (presentation and any support 
files it would need in order to runproperly) being in the same folder, I was 
not talking about your Filebox.  I meant that they should all be downloaded 
to a single folder on your own hard drive (but absolutely NOT the one where 
they were created) and run from there to see if it works.  If doing this 
allows the presentation to work, then you should try the same thing on the 
computer at work.  If it also works there, then the solution to all of this 
is to combine all related files into a single compressed file (Zip, Pack N 
Go, etc.) that can be downloaded, unpacked and then run from a single 
location by the teacher.

    What I'm trying to say is that if you were the teacher and looked into 
this Filebox folder, would you know which files go with what presentation? 
Would you know whether anything other than the presentation needs to be 
downloaded in order for it to run?


"The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked"

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> HI Gman,
> I guess I dont understand it because I have uploaded powerpoint
> presentations before to the filebox that contained graphics and all was 
> find
> the way the files are uploaded.  All of the files you saw in the filebox
> were uploaded to my "multimedia" folder even though some of the files in 
> the
> folder are not contained in the powerpoint show.
> I did some treasure hunt searching in my garage and found my original 
> disks
> for office 2000 so maybe I can see if I can install the pack andn go 
> feature
> that I do not have now and try that.  I don't see why a winzip program 
> would
> not work the same way but I only recall using email to zip files before 
> not
> uploading to a filebox like this.  I thought this class would be one of my
> easy ones ;9 go figure.
> thanks for looking.
> Christine 

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