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Congrats on the new memory.  Now if only I could get a few sticks to fit in 
my head and work!

I would NOT turn on my 400 GB hard drive unless I was planning on using it.
If this is a back up drive, I would suggest keeping it off until you plan on 
running a backup or need to access the drive.  (unless of course, you are 
doing live incremental backups.)
Heat is the biggest killers of drives!


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I was wondering if the larger the external hard drive, the hotter it gets?
Also was wondering if my instinct to turn it off when it does feelt pretty
hot is good or don't I have to do that?   Oh yes probably should mentioned
the type - it's a Simple Tech 400 gig.  Thanks.  I added memory (rather my
son did as he's the hardware expert and I'm the helper somewhat when it
comes to software) and boy can I tell the difference!  Dolores

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