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Ok I am and was happy with the virus protection. I think it is the best.

I am not happy with what they FORCE you to do, to resolve problems. When I
subscribed, paid them and it went to install the subscription, it said the
live update would come up and  finish doing the subscription process. It
never did come up. I contacted them through email. They consider email
"online contact." Email takes a while and they would not call me, they
wanted me to call them at there posted rates. To call them to straighten out
the problem (which involved going into the registry, which I am very
reluctant to do just following written instructions) and incur the cost plus
the cost of the renewal subscription amounts to more then what it would cost
to purchase 2003 AV over the counter (assuming you use the cheap rate of
$29.95 per incident call). That is ridiculous. Or they suggested I take it
to a tech, that is about $75 per hour.

In summary, if you need their assistance, you will have to pay for the call
each time you call them or take it to a tech, providing you can not (for
what ever reason) follow their instructions by email. Plan on, at least,
several days for the email back and forth to take to resolve the issue. In
short, customer satisfaction is not a requirement with them.

Hope that made sense.

I do not know what they charge for system works renewal subscription, but
the AV subscription is $15.

It can be reinstalled ( I am assuming) and that means I have to go buy it
over the counter.

I am assuming that since you purchased the subscription, you went thought
the process of d/l it and installing it on your system. So it should be on
your system now, if I understand your email correctly.
Life is what happens in between plans.

Virus free email by Norton's
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> Hi:
> I just happened to read this post and my subscription
> is coming up for renewal and I was considering
> purchasing Norton System Works...so, you haven't been
> happy with the product and can it not just be
> re-installed on the system you're using?  Wanted to
> get some feedback before I purchase....I'm still using
> Norton 2000 but, just purchased the live update
> subscription....

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