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How odd!  But then again, you ARE only on a trial run and don't have a 
contract binding them to supply you with anything like email server access. 
If that's a decent reflection of what's happening, the only way you'd be 
getting your email through the wifi would be to sign a contract.  Of course, 
it's a bit early for that.      lol


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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>I have wireless icon in my notification area.  It said I needed to 
> for it to work so I disconnected and reconnected. At first I got a couple 
> of
> error messages  (don't ask!  I don't remember what they said but invited 
> me
> to click on something for more information) I was about to go back and 
> undo
> the icon thing but tried once more and it connected.
> Now I have sent mail by both addresses and with both on and they both went
> via dialup.
> I will see in a little while which one is going to bring messages in and 
> let
> you know.  Is there a setting someplace to force it to use the wireless? 
> I
> guess a better question is:  How do I get it to send messages using
> wireless?
> Sandi 

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